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Latin quotes and phrases on women.


If you do not find the Latin phrase you are looking for on this page, here are more Latin phrases about women:

  • Latin Phrases about Women
  • A Woman Is Always Changeable

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    varium et mutabile semper femina
    Woman is always fickle and changeable (Virgil)

    A Free Woman or a Prostitute

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    A free woman; prostitute (because she wore the toga rather than the upper-class stola)

    A Woman, Having Lost Her Virtue, Will Hesitate At Nothing

    neque femina amissa pudicitia alia abnuerit
    A woman, having lost her virtue, will hesitate at nothing. (Tacitus)

    Pick Roses In The Morning, Lest They Fade

    ne pereant lege mane rosas; cito virgo senescit
    Pick roses in the morning, lest they fade; a maiden soon grows old.