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Stupidity or Ignorance

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Latin language phrases about stupid, silly, unintelligent behaviour.


If you do not find the Latin phrase you are looking for on this page, here are more Latin phrases about stupidity and ignorance:

  • Latin Phrases about Stupidity and Ignorance
  • Experience Teaches

    Experientia docet (Tacitus)
    Experience teaches.

    They Pass Judgment On What They Do Not Comprehend

    damnant quod non intellegunt
    They pass judgement on what they do not comprehend.
    (Cicero - Roman statesman, lawyer, philospher and orator)

    Shoemaker Should Not Judge Above The Sandal

    ne supra crepidam sutor iudicaret (Pliny the Elder)
    Shoemaker should not judge above the sandal.

    I Know Not What...

    Nescio quid...
    I know not what...

    We Do not Want the Laws of England to Change

    nolumus leges Angliae mutari (King Charles I of England)
    We do not want the laws of England to change.