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Simple Latin Phrases

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Straightforward and uncomplicated short Latin language phrases and quotes.


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  • Always Towards Better Things

    semper ad meliora
    Always towards better things.

    I Am Not Led, I Lead

    non ducor, duco
    I am not led, I lead.

    Virtue And Intelligence

    virtus et sapientia (Anonymous)
    Virtue and intelligence.

    The Origin Of Things

    rerum primordia
    The origin of things.

    Success Develops Hope

    spem successus alit (Anonymous)
    Success develops hope

    Not All Of Me Will Die

    non omnis moriar
    Not all of me will die.
    (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, a.k.a. Horace, ancient Roman poet)

    Enough and Some to Spare

    satis superque
    Enough and some to spare.

    It Is Sufficient

    It is sufficient.

    Religion of the Place

    religio loci
    The religion of the place.

    It Is Solved By Practice

    solvitur ambulando
    It is solved by walking (by practice).