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Powerful Latin Phrases

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Powerful Latin language phrases and quotes.


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  • Knowledge Itself Is Power

    ipsa scientia potestas est
    Knowledge itself is power. (Sir Francis Bacon)

    Not All Of Me Will Die

    non omnis moriar
    Not all of me will die.
    (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, a.k.a. Horace, ancient Roman poet)

    Divide and Conquer

    divide et impera.
    (Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great)
    Divide and conquer.

    What Is Quickly Gained, Is Quickly Lost

    quod cito acquiritur cito perit
    What is quickly gained, is quickly lost.

    If You Want To Be Loved, Love

    si vis amari ama
    If you want to be loved, love (Seneca the Elder)

    I Do Not Buy Mere Hope

    spem pretio non emo
    I do not buy mere hope (Terence)

    Sighs from the Depths

    suspiria de profundis
    Sighs from the depths

    What I Have Written, I Have Written

    quod scripsi, scripsi
    What I have written, I have written.

    The Way To Hell Is Easy

    facilis descensus Averno (Virgil)
    The way to hell is easy.

    The Road From The Earth To The Stars Is Not Easy

    non est ad astra mollis e terris via
    The road from earth to the stars is not easy.
    (Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a.k.a., Seneca the Younger).