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Knowledge or Intelligence

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Latin language phrases about knowledge, information, common sense and intelligence.


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  • Knowledge Itself Is Power

    ipsa scientia potestas est
    Knowledge itself is power. (Sir Francis Bacon)

    Divination By Opening A Book

    Divination by opening a book.

    I Fear Greeks Even Carrying Gifts

    timeo Danaos et dona ferentis
    I fear the Greeks even [when they are] carrying gifts (Virgil)

    Nothing Is Conceived and Perfected at the Same Time

    nihil est... simul et inventum et perfectum
    Nothing is conceived and perfected at the same time. (Cicero)

    Experience Teaches

    Experientia docet (Tacitus)
    Experience teaches.

    I Think, Therefore I Am

    Cogito, ergo sum
    (Rene Descartes - French philosopher, writer, scientist and mathematician.)
    I think, therefore I am.

    Victory Likes Careful Preparation

    amat victoria curam
    Victory likes careful preparation. (Anonymous)