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Latin Phrases

Welcome to Latin, a modestly sized compendium of Latin sayings and quotes.

This website is based on more than two thousand years of Western literature. It contains many common and uncommon Latin language phrases, quotes by notable Latin poets, including Virgil, Horace, Juvenal and others.

Latin explains Latin words and phrases that might be wholly unfamiliar and otherwise undecipherable to a reader with a limited knowledge of Latin language.


Latin Phrases would be a suitable tool for students of Latin, teachers (of other subjects), writers, public speakers and anyone interested in any of the above.


Newly Posted Latin Phrases:

Always Towards Better Things

semper ad meliora
Always towards better things.

I Am Not Led, I Lead

non ducor, duco
I am not led, I lead.

Virtue And Intelligence

virtus et sapientia (Anonymous)
Virtue and intelligence.

The Origin Of Things

rerum primordia
The origin of things.

Success Develops Hope

spem successus alit (Anonymous)
Success develops hope

The Sinew Of Things

nervus rerum
The sinew of things.

Knowledge Itself Is Power

ipsa scientia potestas est
Knowledge itself is power. (Sir Francis Bacon)

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